Chinese Character stroke order 常用國字標準字體筆順學習網

I was looking for how to write 龜. This is a traditional Chinese character for tortoise. Writing Chinese characters are not simply drawing the strokes, but to write the strokes correctly, and in order.

It is quite sad for me, the introduction of simplified Chinese characters to the world. It was beneficial for me, when I was kid, when I have to do homework and write a lot. Now, looking back at it, and for what I am now, I feel ashamed that I can't write most traditional Chinese characters, or to write them well. If I were an archaeologist, or historian, that would be even worse. I am wondering, when I can close the gap.

Alright, forget about my mumbling. Here's the link to this site :

Key in the character that you want to know the stroke order. Then click on the 開始查詢 button. :D

Example result like what I did :

You can listen to how the character is pronounced, and also control the speed of the stroke writing demonstration. You could also view it in full screen mode. ;)